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Tableau allows users to explore and visualize data from a variety of sources in minutes. With first-rate ease, speed, and flexibility, Tableau is a unique product suite for organizations interested in user-driven business intelligence.

As a Strategic Alliance partner, Thorogood has the experience of working with Tableau in a number of business scenarios. Our certified consultants and BI expertise bring wider insight into the possibilities with Tableau. 

Thorogood named Tableau Alliance Partner of the Year for EMEA.


See how Tableau can enable end-users within your organization to perform ad-hoc data analysis and gain powerful insights into the data that is driving your business. Start your 14-day free trial today!                         


Featured Case Study

Visualizing Key Performance Data at Kennedys Law


Kennedys were keen to engage partners to replace manual reports with a consolidated online visual analysis of performance against target on a daily basis. Using Tableau, Thorogood delivered a proof of concept that showed Kennedys how performance against critical metrics could be visualized in a clear and meaningful way. Read more here.    


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Navigate to our Tableau Insights page to watch videos compiled by our Tableau experts on various Tableau functionality. 

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Thorogood Director Paul Balacky met up with Tableau to share how Thorogood uses Tableau to provide sophisticated analytics.

"Traditional BI is quite summarized," he explains. "Tableau allows you to drill in and see what you can't see at a very high-level summary view."

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