The power of the Qlik Business Discovery platform - self-service BI for faster insights.

What Can Qlik Do For You?



The Qlik set of Business Intelligence solutions are all about discovery. Connect disperate data from multiple data sources, and discover insights through dynamic dashboards and analysis.

With Qlik's 'build once deploy anywhere' approach, discover insights on the move and collaborate from the field. 

The Qlik Product Set:

  • Qlik Sense - This new release from Qlik offers an exciting platform for visualizing and interacting with your data. Redesigned from the ground up, Qlik Sense takes advantage of beautiful visualizations and ease-of-use to find the true trends in your organization's data.
  • QlikView - A powerful application that is a single point of interaction for extracting and transforming data, designing analytics, and building dashboards and reports. Many organizations have built highly customized and robust applications with QlikView.

Both product sets deliver across desktops, implement across servers, deliver to mobile. Which is right for your organization? Speak with us and let us help show what Qlik can do you for you. 

Explore Qlik Insights


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compiled by our Qlik experts. 

Thorogood's Experience:

We have helped our customers implement Qlik solutions across a wide variety of application areas, including:

Global Business Position
Full Business Review
Profit & Loss Statements
Risk Map 
Equity Derivative
Cluster Analysis
Plant Metrics
Warehouse & Logistics Insight
Renewals Analysis
iPad-Focused Applications

Daily Business Position
Project Life-Cycle Analysis
Enterprise Operational Reporting
Global Business Review
Product Quadrant Analysis
Product Availability
Promotional Volumes
Sales Event Planning
Sales Team Analytics
Server/Publisher Configuration

Human Resources Scorecards
Demand Planning
S&OP Planning
Sales Reporting
Deductions Management
Social Media Dashboards
Catastrophe Analysis
Policy & Claims Analysis
ETL Configurations
...and more!