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At Thorogood, we’re only as strong as our people. That’s why we focus our energies on recruiting and nurturing the best candidates. 

Want to know more? You've probably got lots of questions - like what is Business Intelligencewhat makes Thorogood different, what do we look for, and what will you do? You can find out more below, plus information on our Graduate and Intern recruitment process

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What is Business Intelligence and Analytics?

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics is simpler than it sounds: it’s all about using the information within an organization to find out what makes it tick, and how that mechanism can be further improved.

It helps to look at it from three distinct client perspectives:

  • The past: Examining cost, turnover, and profit, as well as other variables such as staff retention levels. Are key trends improving or getting worse?
  • The present: Is the company behind or ahead of targets? What is driving performance – and how can it be improved?
  • The future: How do expectations and ambitions measure up against future forecasts, and how can targets most reliably be achieved?

Simply put, we use information to help businesses take stock of their current situations and work out the most profitable ways to move forward.

It’s not just about data, but about concepts and communication too. For instance, we collaborated with the finance, IT and design teams at luxury goods brand Chanel to develop a new global sales dashboard. The application allowed senior executives to scrutinize information across divisions, countries and product lines, so they could see a complete picture of sales performance and trends. Chanel’s executive director commented afterwards: “We had a concept but didn’t know how to make it real – the Thorogood team enabled us to turn the vision into something tangible.”

That's just one example of how our management information systems and analytical thinking have helped boost a client’s performance.

What makes us different?

Our business thrives not just by delivering outstanding service to clients, but by attracting and rewarding the best and brightest talent. As a specialist firm rather than a huge consultancy, our employees experience a variety of clients, countries and challenges. It’s an impact felt from day one, when you’ll discover we’re as passionate about developing your strengths as you are.

The professional rewards of launching your career with Thorogood are considerable:

  • Full training program to introduce you to our business
  • Early project experience
  • Exciting international collaboration with colleagues
  • Access to industry-leading technology
  • Hands-on contribution right across the business: sales, marketing and  recruitment

You’ll need to be good at what you do - and we aim to make you even better. We have a clear focus on technical and business coaching, not just helping you overcome any weaknesses, but also to help you develop your strengths to their full potential.

We are a global business. As such, your training encompasses technologies, industry sectors and clients both at home and abroad. There will be plenty of opportunities to work with international teams across the business, as well as travel to different client sites.

We value the personal touch – that means non-hierarchical teams, knowing everyone’s name, being able to give an opinion and be listened to, and learning from and with each other.

And that’s not all. As a graduate you will also benefit from:

  • Quarterly country-wide meetings to get to know your colleagues
  • The chance to work with global FTSE 250 companies
  • Long-term professional development
  • Small, friendly, collaborative teams

What we look for

As a high-performance organization, we seek graduates from universities with strong reputations in our core disciplines: engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, business and management.

But qualifications are only one factor. You will also need to demonstrate strengths in a number of related areas.

  • Problem solving – you’ll need to get instinctively to the heart of clients' businesses and the BI challenges they face, so sound analytical skills are essential.
  • Communication skills – we often work side-by-side with our clients, so you’ll need to be able to present your ideas confidently, clearly and convincingly.
  • Initiative – in BI consultancy there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so you’ll need to be perceptive enough to understand a client’s problems and tailor a solution to fit their needs.
  • Teamwork – you’ll rarely work alone at Thorogood, so you’ll need to be able to leverage the collaborative strength of teams and understand why many heads are often better than one.

What will you be doing?

When you join Thorogood, you’ll start out with our training program. You could have a non-technical background prior to joining Thorogood, and so your initial training program will get you to the same base as other trainees, irrespective of your educational background.  The program takes you through the entire project lifecycle, giving you an understanding of the broad business requirements of our clients and the value solutions provide to them; as part of the training program, you will have the opportunity to develop an end-to-end BI solution, leveraging the comprehensive technical training given by our experienced consultants.

After your training you will work side by side with our experts in the field to help clients develop their businesses. By introducing you to real projects early on, we help you rapidly grow your consulting, technology and people skills and give you the best possible start to your career.

  • Honing your core technology skills: Our experts - your team members - will show you how to use the best BI/information management technologies to develop effective solutions to business problems.
  • Early access to top clients: Use the skills you have learned to deliver real value to clients. Work as part of supportive project teams, either based in our offices or traveling to the client’s site.
  • Getting involved with marketing: Preparing and delivering events for prospective clients.
  • Helping to grow our business: Assisting the sales teams with demonstrations and presentations.
  • Aiding next year’s graduate recruitment: Who better than you to help potential new recruits understand our business, what is expected of them, and what they can hope to achieve here?

The recruitment process

Once you apply to Thorogood, we will review your application, and if you are successful you will be invited to a first round interview. We conduct competency-based interviews based on things we believe are important in the role of a graduate consultant, and questions that let you draw on your past experiences at university and in other areas of your life.

If you’re successful at your first interview, we’ll ask you to join us on an assessment day. During this day you will carry out a number of exercises aimed at assessing your ability to handle different scenarios, both individually and in a group. You will also have many opportunities to find out more about Thorogood and discuss the graduate programme with recent graduates.

We aim to notify you with the result of our selection process within a few days of the assessment.

To read about any country-specific aspects of our process, and to apply, please select the country you are applying to below.

Please note : Thorogood has a legal obligation to ensure that every prospective employee is entitled to work in the country in which they are employed. If you are successful through to the assessment centre we shall require proof of your entitlement to permanently work within the country of application.