Tableau Insights

Tableau allows users to explore and visualize data from a variety of sources in minutes. With first-rate ease, speed, and flexibility, Tableau is a unique product suite for organizations interested getting more from their data.

Watch our Tableau experts in action in this video series.

Powerful Pairings: Tableau & Teradata

In this video series, we share some of our tips to design, develop, and optimize performance of your Tableau & Teradata solutions. See how you can get the greatest value from these tools and empower your business users.

What we love in Tableau 10

After a few short weeks on the market, Tableau 10 is already changing the way we approach problems with data. Watch our short introductory video series on some of our favorite features.

Integrating Tableau with SharePoint

Explore the possibilities for sharing your Tableau dashboards within your organisation through Tableau Server and integration with your existing BI architecture. Embed dashboards within Microsoft SharePoint and use customised filters to create a seamless user interface that will become a One Stop shop for your BI needs.

Integrating Tableau with R

The release of Tableau 8.1 introduced a number of new features, including the ability to integrate the statistical capability of R into Tableau’s intuitive user-interface. Generate powerful insights using R and present findings within interactive dashboards in Tableau.

Tableau 8.0: New Features

Tableau 8.0 offers a variety of new features that improve upon some of the already differentiating features of this tool. Explore the new visualizations, server improvements and interactive mobile capabilities that continue make Tableau a leader in data exploration and analysis.

Rapid-Fire Business Intelligence with Tableau

Tableau enables everyone within your organization to perform ad-hoc data analysis and gain powerful insights into the data that is driving the business.