Big Data

Big Data is impacting how businesses engage with their customers, partners and suppliers. See how Thorogood is working with customers to help them understand what this means for their organizations.



Integrating Hadoop into your BI & Analytics Architecture

Big Data has been one of the most talked about topics in BI & Analytics over the last couple of years. But how are organizations coping with this vast amount of data on a day to day basis? This recorded webcast looks at how Hadoop is becoming a key component in managing the impacts of data explosion within organizations by employing a Hadoop active archive.

How Microsoft HDInsight Rises to the Challenge of Big Data

Ninety percent of all the data that exists today was generated in the last two years.  With data volumes increasing exponentially it is inevitable that today's solutions must evolve to meet tomorrow's needs.  Relational databases in many organizations are increasingly hitting the limits of this technology. This webcast explains how TNT Post devised a new approach for managing their enterprise data with Microsoft's Hadoop-powered HDInsight software.