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Self-Service User Empowerment

As evidenced by the prevalence of Self-Service BI & Analytics initiatives amongst our customers, many organizations are looking to move toward a landscape where users are empowered to drive their own reporting and analytics. Many of our customers find themselves with IT organizations that are hampered down by reporting requests, creating backlogs and long turnaround times for initiatives that could provide valuable insights to their organizations. This backlog also prevents IT departments from focusing efforts on new technology initiatives that could generate business value.

Impactful Analytics for your Field Sales

Enable your field force to engage in data-led discussions and support their arguments with insights. Sharing compelling visual representations of the latest sales and market share data or the customer’s audit history ensures your team will be well equipped to maximize the potential of any customer visit.


Anaplan is a cloud application that provides organizations with a planning platform across departments from finance, marketing, supply chain, HR and IT. Watch our experts talk you through some of the use cases for Anaplan

Big Data

Big Data is impacting how businesses engage with their customers, partners and suppliers. See how Thorogood is working with customers to help them understand what this means for their organizations.


Microsoft delivers scalable, innovative and cost effective business intelligence and analytics capabilities through a suite of on premise and cloud products. Watch our experts talk you through some of the latest offerings.


Qlik's business intelligence and analytics offerings are all about discovery. Build dynamic dashboards with QlikView enabling users to self serve with a guided analytics experience. Explore and visualize your data as never before with Qlik Sense. Take a look at some of our Insights videos to learn more about the power of the Qlik product suite.


Unlock insights from your enterprise data with SAP HANA, the scalable, in memory analytical platform that is shaking up the business intelligence and analytics market.

Social Media Analytics

Social media is an increasingly vital source of insight into customer and consumer thinking. Accessing and analysing this information is more straightforward than you might think, and integrating it with existing sources of enterprise data can reveal some fascinating insights. 


Tableau allows users to explore and visualize data from a variety of sources in minutes. With first-rate ease, speed, and flexibility, Tableau is a unique product suite for organizations interested in user-driven business intelligence and analytics.