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What’s new for BI & Analytics in 2018?

Type: Seminar

Topic: #tgbiau #analytics #datascience #data

Date(s) / Location(s):
19 Apr 2018, London

Start Time: 09:00 BST  End Time: 17:00 BST

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Event address

Ham Yard Hotel,
London, W1D 7DT

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Join us in London on April 19th for our first BI & Analytics Update of the year.


Hear how our clients are empowering Citizen Data Scientists to find and create value through investments in tools, data, and people.

We'll also be looking at the roadmaps of leading technology platforms from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Tableau, Qlik, and Anaplan.

We're delighted to welcome Gavin Abbs, Head of Alternative Distribution and Schemes Operations at Hiscox in London, to discuss his experience implementing Alteryx to load and cleanse data in support of legal compliance requirements such as Solvency II and GDPR.

And we'll be featuring two of our best solutions, in the Reporting & Analytics Hub, and Thorogood Curator for Solvency II and Lloyd's Returns. Throw in an optional Power BI hands-on training breakout and it's proving to be a popular agenda; reserve your place today.



The Citizen Data Scientists are coming!

Using Analytics to Drive Business Benefit

Many large enterprise organizations are investing in environments that are powerful and data rich, but simple enough for Citizen Data Scientists to use. These are power users, who build and use advanced analytic models, but whose primary function is outside the field of statistics.

Do you have the right operating model and all the key components to empower your business with analytics at enterprise scale? We’ll take you through the considerations and share some powerful examples of creating value with data analytics, from operations through to sales.



BI & Analytics Market Overview

We’ll look at how the analytics market is evolving to support changing technical possibilities and business imperatives including the move towards empowering Citizen Data Scientists. We’ll review the latest Gartner Magic Quadrants, and discuss some of the offerings and roadmaps from key vendors including Microsoft, Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy, Anaplan and AWS.



Microsoft's Most Comprehensive Data Platform

The ever-evolving roadmap

Microsoft's cloud-based capabilities and traditional on-premises products blend seamlessly to create a modern, agile data analytics platform. With SQL Server 2017, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake they’ve got data storage covered. And in Power BI they have the hottest front-end tool on the market today. Not to mention the Data Catalog, Azure Data Factory, and Cortana Analytics Suite. And one of the greatest benefits of being cloud-led: new and improved features every month. If you haven’t looked at their offerings recently, you should.



Tableau 10.5 

Our consultants fall for Tableau’s latest release

With Microsoft leading the pack in 2017, the fightback is most certainly on in 2018 with the release of Tableau 10.5. At the core is their much-anticipated Hyper engine which supports BIG data sets, fast data refreshes, and up to 5x better query performance. They’ve also added a Linux version of Tableau server, new visualizations, dashboards and graphical tooltips, and over 75 new data connectors. It’s getting rave reviews around these parts.


Also, join our afternoon Tableau 10.5 Deep Dive breakout which will include:

  • Tableau Mobile

  • Enabling self-service with Server

  • End-user ETL with Project Maestro



Automating Data Quality checks with Alteryx

GDPR compliance for Hiscox' broker schemes

Hiscox' delegated authorities business accepts policy and premium information via bordereaux submission. An internal capability enables them to take spreadsheet bordereaux and automatically upload each customer in the bordereaux as a policy record in their central system, avoiding significant manual re-key effort. For the capability to work the data structure and content required from broker partners is very prescriptive, and even the slightest error of postcode entry or country name can trigger an error in the upload. Alteryx is now used to cleanse and validate the bordereaux in a universal package, meaning any bordereaux can be checked and corrected automatically prior to entry into the internal upload capability.



The Reporting & Analytics Hub

Stop re-creating. Find the reports you already have.

Large organizations often use a variety of reporting and analysis tools to deliver information. This can make it confusing for business users to find relevant reports and share their own insights. The Reporting & Analytics Hub catalogs and surfaces analyses from a wide range of tools, providing a single entry point and powerful search interface. Complexity made simple.




Intelligent Planning and Performance Management

Excel has historically been the tool of choice for planning, budgeting and scenario modelling, but in many scenarios Anaplan’s cloud offering is replacing this ‘desktop’ environment with its powerful capabilities. And there’s more to come - Anaplan’s roadmap for the next 12 months is looking to introduce some new features that move it into a more competitive position – that of intelligent planning and performance management.


Also, join our afternoon Business Planning with Anaplan breakout to see:

  • An introduction to the platform

  • Embedding business process into your planning application

  • Bottom-up and top-down planning

  • Thorogood Curator for Insurance



Drop-in: Microsoft Analytics Hands-on Experience

Aimed at first-time users of the tool, we'll provide step-by-step instructions and have consultants on hand to support as you experience how the drag-and-drop interface enables you to apply advanced analytics in an easy and intuitive way. Get set up with a free trial account of Azure ML Studio, build a linear model, and run simple R scripts (which we’ll give you) to analyze text from Tweets. Bring your own laptop to participate.



Power BI Hands-on Training

Missed one of our Dashboard-in-a-Day sessions?

Following the great success of our dashboard-in-a-day training for Microsoft's fast-growing Power BI data visualization tool, we have a 2-hour intensive hands-on breakout session to help you crack the basics. Bring your own laptop (PC, not Mac) and join in the fun!



BI & Analytics Update taster video

Viewing time: 2mins


To get a feel for the day, take a
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In this short video our guests, partners and
consultants give their thoughts on the
benefits of attending a Thorogood BI & Analytics Update seminar.

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What to expect

We’re back at the fantastic Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, London, for our not-to-be-missed Business Intelligence & Analytics Update seminar.

Registration and breakfast will be available from 9 am with presentations in the main auditorium commencing at 9.30. Lunch will offer an opportunity to network with speakers and fellow attendees between 1 and 2 pm. We’ll then breakout into interactive workshops from 2 to 4 pm giving you an opportunity to deep dive into some of the hottest topics.

We’ll close the day with a few drinks and nibbles and a further opportunity to network with your peers.