Using BI for fast feedback in a dynamic and complex marketplace

Imperial is the market leader in the tobacco sector in Morocco. To stay on top they need to track the performance of their brands, identify competitive threats and opportunities quickly and target rapid responses from the sales force. BI is helping them keep the lead in this fast moving market..

The Challenge

Imperial distributes its many brands in Morocco through more than 21,000 outlets as well as running cash & carry outlets and mobile sales units. SAP ERP is used to track orders, fulfilment and direct sales; the sales force uses Siebel to manage their activity against customers.

This emerging market is not without its challenges:

  • Although Morocco’s market leader, Imperial needs to deal with many types of competition including issues like single stick sales.
  • It needs to introduce global products to reap the benefits of global power brands.
  • It must direct its sales force to deal with competitive threats and take opportunities promptly and effectively.
  • Effective distribution is critical to maintaining share, so the sales force monitors and reports availability continuously. However, collating the data has been time consuming, leaving little time for analysis and consideration of targeted initiatives.

The Vision

The vision of the BI team in Morocco was to transfer best practice from established markets, using data consolidated from many sources in an effective market model. Reporting and analysis capabilities would enable them to identify and quantify issues, clarify root causes and evaluate and target prompt responses. Sophisticated marketing approaches aimed at defending market share could then be applied in the Morocco market.

The Solution

The solution allows for continuous monitoring across all outlets and distribution points, enabling initiatives to be effectively targeted and tested, maximising the effectiveness of the sales force. It integrates best of breed technologies to deliver a powerful end to end application– one that;

  • Leverages the power of Kalido to overcome master data management and integration challenges, resulting in a single Kalido database - a powerful environment for reporting.
  • Delivers data in a flexible Microsoft multi-dimensional model to facilitate root cause analysis.
  • Uses Microsoft Reporting Services for high quality reports, along with strong analytical capability through Panorama Necto, a tool which provides opportunities for both social networking and collaborative learning.

Cary Nombela, Business Intelligence Manager at Imperial Tobacco Morocco values the relationship with Thorogood:


“The Thorogood team made a real effort to understand our business and business needs. Their quickly established rapport created a solid sense of trust and collaboration with the project team and other key stakeholders, which were critical for the success of the project”

And this view is supported by Naveen Kumar Mandem, BI Project Manager:

“From a project manager’s perspective, I found Thorogood’s project team who worked on developing the MI tool for the Morocco Market are very detail oriented and extremely committed. They are technically very sound and think 360 degrees before setting out implementing a solution. Right from the inception, Thorogood displayed a professional consulting approach in all phases of the project.”


The Result

The new application has not only considerably improved the time taken to make information available, in some cases from days to minutes, but has also provided the ability to do cross-dataset analysis and derive detailed insights from the data.

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