Innovations in the Qlik Platform

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Topic: Qlik, QlikView, Qlik Sense, nPrinting, and GeoAnalytics

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24 Aug 2017, At your desk

Start Time: 10:00 EST / 15:00 BST  End Time: 10:45 EST / 15:45 BST

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At your desk

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At this year's Qonnections conference, Qlik announced a number of enhancements to their suite of products and provided new insight into their strategic direction.

January's acquisition of Idevio added Qlik GeoAnalytics for map-based data visualization and advanced analytics. How will integration into the wider product set come into play? It’s already possible to publish both QlikView and Qlik Sense reports, with tighter integration for Qlik Sense coming soon. They have also significantly increased the frequency of releases to more tightly couple their cloud and desktop offerings.

What does this mean for large enterprise customers? Join us on August 24 as we explore these and more capabilities in the Qlik platform, including advances to Qlik Sense, QlikView and nPrinting.

We will also share examples of success from the enterprise organizations we work with to create flexible and value-driven applications with Qlik technology.


What we will cover

We explore Qlik's compelling offering for enterprise organizations:

  • QlikView, Qlik Sense, nPrinting and GeoAnalytics
  • End-to-End Data Integration – Developing a strategy to source data from repositories that are across the organization and from third-party providers. 
  • Focus on the Business User – Delivering applications that are purpose-built, provide value, and can be leveraged for growth. 
  • Enterprise Considerations – Discussing challenges facing larger organizations including security, data accessibility, and user adoption.

Is it for you?

  • Are you a current Qlik customer and want to understand the latest in the product set?
  • Are you new to Qlik and want to understand the possibilities?
  • Do you want to learn about the latest in data trends from large enterprise organizations?

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