Thorogood update on the Business Intelligence & Analytics market

Type: Seminar

Topic: Cloud-enabled Business Intelligence & Analytics

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2 Mar 2017, London

Start Time: 09:00 GMT  End Time: 14:00 GMT

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Ham Yard Hotel
1 Ham Yard
London W1D 7DT

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Join us in London this March as we review the vendor landscape for Business Intelligence & Analytics. We will reflect on the impact evolving technology options are having on the delivery of solutions for Enterprise organizations and share our customer experiences.

Cloud offerings from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Anaplan are now mature and we are seeing once-cautious clients adopt aggressively. The benefits being reaped are compelling - massive reductions in capital expenditure, access to technologies that were once unaffordable, feature releases that outpace on-premises alternatives.

Our agenda for March's BI & Analytics Update seminar will explore the drivers and barriers to this dramatic shift in cloud adoption for our enterprise client base:


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BI and Analytics in a cloud-enabled era


Thorogood CEO Trevor Jones will start the day by exploring a current trend in Thorogood's client base towards cloud offerings for the delivery of data and analytics solutions. He will explain why the adoption of cloud strategies is increasingly compelling for many enterprise organizations, and understand the barriers that some have faced and either overcome or been forced to accept.


Review of offerings from the leading technology vendors


In this session we will review the market position of leading business intelligence and analytics software vendors and related IaaS and PaaS providers. We will look at cloud-oriented vendors such as Amazon Web Services, vendors that have moved heavily into cloud such as Microsoft with their Azure services, as well as vendors that have traditionally delivered on premise solutions and how they are reacting to cloud adoption.

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Cloud-enabled business intelligence with Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft's impressive and fast-developing Power BI cloud service and standalone free Power BI desktop tool have helped Microsoft re-emerge as one of the leaders in data visualization and exploration. Since being re-launched in July 2015, the evolution of Power BI has been rapid with ever-growing functionality and connectivity options. In this session we will look at how Microsoft’s cloud-first approach has contributed to the growth of Power BI and allowed customers to gain earlier access to new features. Thorogood UK MD Jon Ward will share our perspective of what the future may hold for Power BI.

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Performance management and business modeling with Anaplan


Recently named as a leader in Enterprise Performance Management by Forrester, Anaplan has disrupted the market with a flexible, easy-to-use, business-centric offering that is being adopted enthusiastically by many of our clients. Effective performance management solutions bring together planning activities with the review of actuals to create a virtuous, self-reinforcing process that continuously adapts to changing conditions. Howard Yates, Thorogood's Planning and Business Modeling practice lead will demonstrate and discuss Anaplan's offering.

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Customer Study: Data provisioning for advanced analytics


Hear Stuart Le Neveu, Business Applications Manager at Hiscox, talk about how they are gearing up to respond to the current and future data needs for BI and analytics in an agile, timely and cost-effective manner.

Stuart will describe how his team worked with Thorogood to define a high level approach for landing and linking multi-structured data in a way that is easy for the analysts to locate and consume. He’ll explain how they implemented a proof of concept in order to identify the demands and challenges for people, processes and technology, and evaluated potential value to the business.



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What to expect

The day will open with a light breakfast at 9am and will finish with networking and lunch from 1pm.

There will be plenty of opportunity to network with your peers throughout the day, and to ask our speakers and consultants any questions that you might have.

Space is limited to 150 attendees; reserve your place today to avoid disappointment.

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