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Our On Demand webcasts cover a range of hot topics from the world of Business Intelligence and Analytics. If you don't see what you're looking for here, check out our upcoming Webcasts section, or come along to meet us at one our UK and US in-person events.

Applying the Power of Tableau to


Thorogood consultants Amanda Quon and Ben Dunmire explored the possibilities of enhancing Customer Relationship Management systems by integrating Tableau applications and

Cutting-edge Analytics with R and Microsoft BI


Analytics and statistical modeling have become increasingly prevalent in global organizations over the past several years. The value of Microsoft’s purchase of Revolution Analytics in 2015 is now recognized through a variety of applications of R in the Microsoft BI stack. 

Microsoft in combination with R offers a powerful suite of tools for data driven decision making. Thorogood consultants Matt Harrision and Bridget Rauch demonstrate the value of pairing R with Microsoft BI.

Embracing the Cloud for Business Intelligence


The economies of scale for Cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics are increasingly compelling for enterprise organizations. The Cloud is currently the fastest growing sector in IT, but what exactly is it and why should a business group or IT organization bother with it? Thorogood consultants Michael Zolfo and Deb Lee explore the Cloud for Business Intelligence solutions, the key Cloud vendors and tools, and how to move towards the Cloud.

Take control of your Solvency II & Lloyd’s Submissions with Thorogood and Anaplan

On Demand Video

The growing demands from regulators has made the process of collecting and preparing returns, such as those required for Solvency II, time consuming and difficult to manage. Tightening submission deadlines and the risk of error from manual processes have required many to consider alternative solutions. These will need to automate and expedite the process, whilst ensuring accuracy, auditability, and collaboration. Join us as we demonstrate how our Anaplan based solution can help alleviate the challenges insurers are facing in this area.

Healthcare Insights: Are you getting all you should from market data?


Health insurance organizations are reacting to new laws & regulations, adjusting to changes in the competitive landscape, and shifting pricing models to provide members with more affordable products and services. Thorogood consultants Laura Haase and Gregory Grewal showcase how Microsoft Analysis Services and Tableau can be leveraged to seamlessly integrate market data into internal reporting and equip users with the tools they need to make crucial data-driven decisions in this volatile market.