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Our On Demand webcasts cover a range of hot topics from the world of Business Intelligence and Analytics. If you don't see what you're looking for here, check out our upcoming Webcasts section, or come along to meet us at one our UK and US in-person events.

Analytics use case: Prescribing Retailer Orders


A key target for consumer goods companies is getting the right products in the right stores at the right time. In this webcast Thorogood consultant Andrew Kennedy showcases how you can improve product range and reduce out-of-stock incidents, using a combination of forecasting and product-recommendation techniques.

Enabling Analytics with R and Microsoft BI


In this recorded webcast Thorogood consultants Matt Harrison and Scott Stieritz addressed the challenges of creating a framework which organizes and optimizes a company’s efforts towards advanced analytics. They explore the tools, data, processes, and people necessary for an effective analytics implementation using the powerful pairing of R and Microsoft BI.


Productionizing Analytics


Thorogood consultant Andrew Kennedy on how to productionize your analytics. In this recorded webcast Andrew discusses the key challenges that organizations face when coordinating analytics at enterprise scale for maximum impact. He shares the types of strategies and platforms organizations can put in place, illustrated with real customer examples.

Enable collaborative planning & forecasting using Anaplan


Thorogood consultants Laura Haase  and Amanda Teschko illustrate how your organization could use Anaplan to improve planning capabilities and replace spreadsheet-driven processes across a variety of business functions.

Amazon Web Services for BI & Analytics


AWS is the leading cloud platform and a great option for the delivery of agile, scalable and cost-effective BI and Analytics solutions and platforms.

In this webcast Thorogood consultants Jeff Burke and Matt Harrison outline the relevant services and how do they work together for greatest effect. Further they review the capabilities from Amazon and how they can be used in combination to create value-creating BI and Analytics solutions and show how Amazon aligns with established strategies and technologies as well as where to get started.